Throughout our lives, a variety of people have a different level of impact on us. Our Family first and foremost shapes our morals and understanding, our friends, shape our dreams and ambitions, our partners shape the way we see love, and our teachers shape how we learn and grow. But…

Lionel Messi is the greatest footballer of all time, known for his magisterial passing, magical dribbling, and spectacular goals. But apart from his genius footballing ability, what are some things we can learn from the sport’s top-paid player?


Messi is a football player with his head on the ground. He…

Planning is daunting, a lot of times most of us feel comfortable in chaos.

We like to think that our brains are omnipotent. I’m sure we have all been through a moment where we said, “Yeah, I’ll remember this in 2 months for sure, it's very important, there's no way…

Srijith Padmesh

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